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Ahn Bo Hyun's Diet and Workout Secrets Revealed (Yes, He's More than Just Jisoo's Boyfriend)

Ahn Bo Hyun is a notable South Korean actor, known for his compelling roles in various television dramas. He catapulted into the limelight for his antagonist role in the popular series "Itaewon Class." His talent has earned him recognition and a significant following both domestically and internationally. Recently, his name has been further highlighted in entertainment news when YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun are dating. This revelation came after Dispatch released photos of the two enjoying a home date in Jisoo's house area. Their relationship has garnered a lot of attention and interest from fans and media alike.

There’s more to Ahn Bo Hyun than all the buzz surrounding his relationship with BLACKPINK Jisoo, and part of that is his impressive diet and fitness regimen. Read on to learn more about this talented South Korean actor.

Things You Didn’t Know About Ahn Bo Hyun

1. He’s a Former Boxer

Ahn Bo Hyun, once a promising boxer, clinched a gold medal at a national tournament representing Busan. He embarked on his boxing journey during his middle school years. Despite his parents' reservations, Ahn dedicated six years to the sport, honing his skills and determination.

Boxing as an exercise offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Here are some of the notable benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Boxing is an excellent cardiovascular workout that helps strengthen the heart and improve lung capacity, reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

  • Full-body Workout: It engages multiple muscle groups, from the legs to the core to the arms, offering a comprehensive workout.

  • Calorie Burning: Boxing can burn a significant number of calories in a short time, aiding in weight loss and fat reduction.

  • Improved Coordination: The sport enhances hand-eye coordination, which is essential not just in sports but in day-to-day activities.

  • Strength and Power: Many boxing exercises, such as punching a bag or sparring, build muscle strength and power.

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2. What’s Hotter than A Guy Who Cooks His Own Meals?

Since he has been living alone since he was 18, it’s no surprise that the Korean actor is skilled at preparing home cooked meals! Apart from being an impressive skill, homecooked meals boast a lot of health benefits that could impact your weight loss progress, whether you are on weight loss medication or not. Among the health perks of home cooking include:

  • Nutritional Control: Cooking at home allows you to know and control exactly what goes into your food, enabling you to make healthier choices, avoid allergens, and reduce additives and preservatives.

  • Portion Control: Home cooking allows you to determine the size of your portions, reducing the chances of overeating.

  • Cost-Efficient: Cooking at home is generally more cost-effective than eating out, especially when buying ingredients in bulk or when making meals for a family.

  • Fewer Additives and Preservatives: Home-cooked meals typically have fewer artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, and preservatives compared to many processed and restaurant foods.

  • Diverse Meal Options: You're in control, so you can experiment with different recipes and cuisines, introducing variety into your diet.

3. Ahn Bo Hyun’s Workout Routine: The 3-1-3 Diet

The actor stays dedicated to his fitness.

He follows the 3-1-3 workout routine; three consecutive days of working out followed by a day of rest with no exercise and dietary restrictions, and then another three days of exercise.

His workout routines include:

  • Home workout

His easy go-to home workout routine targets almost all muscle groups.

  • Gym workout

His sculpted body is a result of his dedication at the gym.

  • Boxing He used to be a boxer and participated in boxing tournaments, which helped him maintain fitness and discipline.

Key Features:

  • Balanced Approach: By breaking the week into two sets of three days with a day of rest in between, the routine offers a balanced mix of exertion and recovery. This ensures the body gets enough stress to adapt and grow stronger, but not so much that it becomes overwhelmed.

  • Optimized Muscle Recovery: Muscles grow and repair during rest. By introducing a scheduled break after three days of workouts, the 3-1-3 routine allows muscles to recover, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring better overall progress.

  • Dietary Control: The rest day isn’t just about physical recovery. It also incorporates dietary restrictions, which can help in resetting the body, aiding in digestion, and promoting better nutritional uptake for the following active days.

  • Flexibility: The beauty of the 3-1-3 workout is its adaptability. Whether you're into strength training, cardio, yoga, or mixed martial arts, you can integrate this structure into your favorite workout style.

Why Choose the 3-1-3 Workout Routine?

For those who often find themselves burning out with everyday workout regimens, the 3-1-3 can be a game-changer. This routine acknowledges the importance of rest as much as it does exercise. By offering a day to recharge both physically and nutritionally, it ensures the body is primed and ready for the next set of workouts.

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