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A no-nonsense approach to weight loss!

5 to15% Weight Loss
in 3 Months Guaranteed

Truth be told! This is enough to feel and be healthier while also finally keep the weight off!






Jan Medical Group has successfully guided thousands of women and men of all backgrounds in their common pursuit of weight loss and a balanced lifestyle. Be the next and start your weight loss journey!


“I am stronger. I have the energy I need to tend to all my daily routines. I feel lighter that I don't have to drag my feet doing my last chore and my last resistance training of the day. Lastly, I am more motivated to keep this lifestyle. It gives me confidence and a better outlook on life."



“It's been six months since I committed myself to managing my weight and had my first consultation with Dr. Jan. I have lost 26lb since then. Thank you, Dr. Jan, for guiding me with the correct habits to form.”



“If you want to be back on track/ to lose weight/ to stay fit, you should absolutely visit Dr. Jan's clinic. He will give you the right program/plan on what concerns you the most.”


HOW IT WORKS: Personalized Weight Loss

With Jan Medical Group, our Lifestyle Medicine doctors will assess your current needs and align them to your personal goals! Our programs work because they're literally made for you!

Lifestyle Intervention

We seek the root cause and not just treat symptoms. By providing reasonable and sustainable solutions, we guarantee lasting results.

Prescribed Medication

If eligible, you have the option to take our prescribed medications to aid in your weight management.

Guaranteed Weight Loss

Optimize your lifestyle, prevent chronic illness and lose weight! Our science-based programs offer just that.


Booking Process

Your weight loss goals are in reach! You're one consult away to starting your journey! 

Reserve Your Slot

Select a program and book a date or time on our calendar that  works best for you! It's that easy!

Payment Options:

  1. Visa, Mastercard via PayPal;

  2. GCASH and other banks via Xendit

Fill Up the Forms

After completing step 1 and fulfilling your payment, answer the applicable assessment form to be filled up not less than 24 hours before the consult.

Pre-Consult Form

Follow-up Form

Take the Consult

Upon answering the forms, we will create a link for a zoom consultation.​ Consultation starts at the scheduled time.


After the consultation, your will receive your awaited personalized lifestyle management plan!

What We Treat

Your weight loss goals are in reach! You're one consult away to starting your journey! 

Obesity/ Overweight 

Through accountability, together with lifestyle intervention and breakthrough medication, release the burden of obesity from your back!

Diabetes (GDM)

Living a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy - a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Wave irregular periods goodbye, stabilize your mood and finally shed off the extra pounds gained through PCOS.

Liver Health

Just as obesity and other weight-related chronic diseases, liver health is no exemption. Manage or lessen the risks of a fatty-liver.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Feel stronger and revitalized with no more swollen ankles, feet or hands.


Being underweight is just as important as being overweight. Gain the weight needed to feel and be healthier.

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