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Need More Protein For Weight Loss? Here Are Some 4 Protein Rich Snacks to Try!

Protein has been known to help boost weight loss and promote satiety. Protein also help with hormone regulation by helping increase appetite-reducing levels. It isn’t that well known but protein can also assist in digesting and metabolizing calories, increasing the body’s TEF or thermal effect of food. A higher TEF results in a faster, more efficient metabolism. For reference, protein has a 20-30% TEF compared to carbohydrates at 5-10% and fat at 0-3%

We can go on and on about protein’s numerous benefits apart from the aforementioned. By this point it’s probably already clear to most that protein can greatly assist in weight loss. We all know the foods that are rich in protein such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, and legumes but the problem is how to squeeze all of these into your day? The busier we get, the easier it is to fall trap into buying fast and convenient food that aren’t too nutritious, but if you are determined to reach your weight loss goals, you can check out these 4 protein-rich snacks that taste as good as they feel.

1. Trail Mix

Trail mix are ideal snacks if you’re always on the go. This healthy, high-protein bunch consists of dried fruits and nuts with a hint of grains like granola and chocolate. Its protein content is placed at 8 grams in a 2oz serving. The great thing about trail mix is that it provides variety, as you can add in as many or as little nuts as you want, such as almonds and pistachios which are great for increasing the protein content. Since most commercial trail mix brands are high in calories, it is still important to keep your portions in check.

2. Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt, specifically Greek yogurt, is high in protein with 20 grams in 1 cup, making it much more filling compared to other yogurt brands. If you’re not the sort to consume Greek yogurt as it is and are looking for a healthier variety, you can make a Greek yogurt parfait! A great way of doing this is by combining 1 cup of Greek yogurt with granola and berries, layering it for a more aesthetic appeal. This is a great way to not only enjoy a healthy snack, but to get essential nutrients in. Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium which is vital for bone health along with the additional berries and granola providing 4 g or protein/oz.

3. Protein Bars

Photo by: Anytime Fitness

Protein bars are a typical staple for most fitness enthusiasts, as this is what they are always associated with. But protein bars go way, way beyond the gym or the hiking trail. Protein bars contain a significant amount of protein, but it is better to make them yourself instead of buying those at the store since those typically contain more sugar and preservatives. The nice thing about making your own protein bars is that you can modify the ingredients suited for your preferences, such as this recipe that has nuts and dried fruit or recipes from this sugar-free selection.

4. Hard Boiled Eggs

Good old fashioned hard boiled eggs will always be a favorite protein-rich snack that you can even have for breakfast, lunch in a sandwich, or dinner as a salad topping. However which way you want to enjoy hard boiled eggs, there’s no denying the amount of nutrients these hold, namely vitamin B and trace minerals. Apart from that, they are also high in protein, placing in at 6 g. A protein content this high can help you feel full until your next meal.

BONUS: Plus 3 Simple Hacks to Get Your Protein In

  1. Focus on the Essentials-just because we featured snacks here doesn’t mean you’re going to fully rely on these for your protein needs and just completely forget about the rest! Focus on the essentials when getting your protein in. Prepare meals that have lean meat, eggs, soy, and dairy.

  2. Don’t Skip Out on Animal Sources- it can be tempting, given the availability of all things plant-based and vegan-to skip out on meat and just go for vegan options when you’re trying to lose weight. However, unless going vegan is a principled, personal choice and not as a method to restrict and lose weight, it is still recommended that you consume animal proteins as these are the most bioavailable and the easiest one to absorb.

  3. That Said, Still Try Out Plant-Based Options- We’re all for variety here since it makes eating much more enjoyable and it allows you to get varied nutrients instead of the usual ones you’d get eating the same thing over again. Plant-based sources of protein such as tofu and beans are great additions to lunch and dinner dishes to boost your protein intake.

Just like any other food, moderation and balance are the key for attaining success in terms of weight loss. No matter how good they are supposedly for weight loss, it always helps to keep your portions in check. Take note as well that diet is just one component of weight loss. An overall lifestyle change comprising of regular physical activity, ample sleep, adequate hydration, and being stress-free are major contributors to the success of your weight loss journey.

Are you in need of assistance in losing weight? Do you think you might need weight loss medication? Look no further! Get in touch with a weight loss specialist and a registered nutritionist dietitian who can guide you every step of the way. A weight loss specialist and a registered nutritionist dietitian can craft lifestyle plans suited for your individual situation to ensure that you get the best outcome possible with lasting results. Schedule an appointment now!

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