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Follow These 5 Morning Habits for Healthy Weight Loss

Mornings are tough. Anyone who’s not a morning person can agree that getting up after the sound of the blaring alarm clock is just as challenging as the tasks and responsibilities the day holds. In our hurry to get things done immediately and to avoid being late for work, school, or any other commitments for the day, we often find ourselves skipping breakfast, forgetting hydration, and generally just stressing ourselves out. While we don’t often put much thought into these, little actions turn into big habits and over time these big habits can impact our physical and mental health, one effect being weight gain.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight since forever, know that your habits play a crucial role in its effectiveness. Remember, the small things play a big role in the bigger picture so if you’re ready to tweak your lifestyle one step at a time, start your day with these morning habits that can help lose weight:

1. Modify Your Transportation

Whether you’re commuting or driving, both are equally popular ways of getting to work. Switch your commute up by taking a more physical route. Studies prove that walking and biking are connected to a lower weight and reduce your risk of weight gain. Another study compared a population of people who drove and those who didn’t, concluding that those who didn’t drive gained less weight. Taking more physically active steps into your daily journey to your destination is a step towards keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Track Your Intake

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Tracking your intake might seem like a lot, especially if you’re already super busy with a lot on your plate, but trust us on this: being more mindful about your food intake can help you lose weight, and making it a habit helps keep the weight off for good. A year-long study conducted involving 123 people found that keeping a food journal helps track caloric intake and shed pounds. Tracking your intake is a self-monitoring process that helps you stay accountable and responsible for your eating habits during your weight loss journey.

If you’re in need of expert advice and assistance regarding food intake and weight loss, a registered nutritionist dietitian and a weight loss doctor can help you every step of the way until you reach your goals.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Packing your lunch sounds like such silly advice if you’re a busy person but preparing your own meals helps not only save money but lose weight and stay healthy. Making home-cooked meals helps you make better food choices along with cultivating healthy eating habits as opposed to eating processed or fast foods. Studies show that eating home-cooked meals for five days has a 28% lower chance of being overweight. It might seem like quite a huge hurdle, but the rewards of weight loss, having a better diet, a lower risk of health issues, and a lesser chance of being obese make it all worthwhile.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is one most often forget to do. Hydration is crucial not only in weight loss but in one’s overall well-being since being dehydrated has shown some effects on the physical and emotional state. Water helps increase the energy expenditure by at least 60 minutes, meaning the body’s ability to burn calories is sped up by an hour. Studies show a 30% metabolism speed-up after drinking 16.9 fl oz of water and overweight women who upgraded their water intake to 1 litre per day for over a year lost an extra 4 pounds.

5. Weigh Yourself

In line with holding yourself accountable by way of food journals, you should also keep track of your weight if you are seriously considering weight loss. While stepping on the scale every morning doesn’t automatically make the pounds drop, the act of constantly monitoring your weight and seeing progress bit by bit helps motivate you to do more of the practices mentioned above. Should you have a few setbacks, you can always trace them back to your habits and motivate yourself to start all over again until you reach your goal. Even research supports this habit! Individuals who weighed themselves every day lost 9.7 lbs while those who barely monitored their weight gained

We don’t often put too much thought into these habits but they play a great role in our weight loss journey and help us get there in a safe and efficient manner. Together with a proper diet and adequate physical activity, there isn’t any doubt that you’ll achieve your weight loss goals in time! So when you wake up in the morning, keep these habits in mind and start applying them.

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