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6 Popular Weight Loss Habits To Reach Your 2022 Summer Goals

Summer and weight loss are almost synonymous with each other. No one can mention or even think about summer without connecting the need to shed a few pounds here and there. Busy fingers will be searching for all sorts of tips and tricks on how to lose fat and get a great figure just in time for beach season.

The Internet is a portal for all kinds of information, both for better or worse. In this age of easy access and availability, many can fall trap into several fad diets that could not only set them back on their goals but also cause potential health damage. Losing weight and reaching your goals require you to change your lifestyle gradually, not instantaneously, making these habits a part of your routine.

Are you ready to reach your beach goals? Read below for 6 weight loss habits you need to fit into your routine.

1. Eat A Nutrient-Filled Breakfast

The old adage is right-breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the fuel that gets the metabolism going after a long night’s rest. Studies have associated breakfast skipping with obesity, hypertension, insulin insensitivity, and diabetes mellitus. When planning for a great first-day starter, be sure to include all the essential nutrients to give you the energy you need to get through your day, whether you’ll be working or working out. While it might be tempting to think that one less meal will lead to a drop in weight, the health risks far outweigh the instant results. Eat a nutritious breakfast daily and make it part of your weight loss routine.

2. Mindfulness Is Key

We often associate mindfulness with meditation and yoga but mindfulness plays a strong role in reaching weight loss goals. Mindfulness is defined as staying present or in the moment, acknowledging and being aware of your feelings. Mindfulness in one’s food intake, portions, and feelings of hunger and satiety is an instrumental behavior to achieve healthy weight loss. Apart from that, 19 studies have stated that mindfulness-based habits decreased the tendencies of weight gain and obesity.

3. Do 150 Minutes of Physical Exercise Every Week

This one goes without saying. Physical activity is proven to not just burn fat, speed up metabolism, exercise also helps individuals manage diseases typically related to poor lifestyle including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Studies also show that regular physical activity has helped improve blood sugar. Perform high intensity or low intensity exercises two to three days per week coupled with strength training at least twice per week

4. Don’t Skip on Sleep

We might correlate sleep with rest or laziness but sleep is actually related to weight loss. Sleep deprivation results in an increase in appetite and a tendency to crave for high-calorie food. To help reach your summer weight loss goals, don’t skip on sleep. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep regularly and follow good sleeping habits such as abstaining from gadget use an hour before bed, and sleeping in a dark room in order to get quality sleep.

5. Follow the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule states that you have to eat until you are 80% full, not a hundred. This means that you’ve gotten your fill but not quite to the point that you can barely drink any water. The 80/20 rule states that the 80% is for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat and water while the 20% is for a small serving of your favorite dessert.

6. Set Realistic Goals

In line with being mindful, setting realistic goals can help you calmly and steadfastly incorporate these weight loss habits. Unrealistic goals within an unrealistic time frame can cause you to rush and you might find yourself susceptible to trying fad diets. Aim for a 1 to 2-pound weight loss per week. Practice setting realistic goals with your workout plan, too. If you’ve just started exercising, 15-20 minutes should do you good, but eventually, graduate your time to 30-45 minutes as you get stronger. Setting realistic goals that fit your lifestyle can help make losing weight fun and attainable.

Adapting these habits do so much more for us than just help us get beach-ready. These weight loss habits, apart from helping drop excess weight, also steer us towards attaining a healthier lifestyle that benefits our body physically and mentally.

Have you been incorporating these habits in your daily routine? If so, let us know about your journey in the comments below!


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