Top 5 Healthy Holiday Habits for Filipinos

The holiday season is a beautiful time where we enjoy celebrating with our loved ones as we look back at the year that’s about to pass. However, it’s also the same season that puts on hold any progress we’ve made toward our health goals, up until it’s time for New Years’ resolutions, or so we think. More often than not, the habits we nurture now have long term effects on our lifestyles.

Top 5 Healthy Holiday Habits for Filipinos

Following up on our list of Top 5 Unhealthy Holidays Habits Filipinos Practice, here are the top healthy habits to follow to cap off 2021 on a healthy note.

1. Fruits for snacks

With all the food and beverage-centric festivities that come with the holidays, snacking becomes all the more rampant at this time of the year. Holiday-themed sweets, chocolates and sugar-filled pastries are some of the few snacks that become popular this season. Instead of chowing down too much on these high-calorie and sugary foods, switch them out with healthier options such as fruits.

2. Walk to your destinations

Exercise is one thing that can be neglected due to the holiday business. While this may be a quick reminder to others, some people just can’t squeeze in a workout within their schedules. To remedy the lack of exercise, we suggest walking to your destinations! As much as possible, if it’s heading to work, running errands or grabbing a quick bite, ditch the car and enjoy a good walk.

3. Cook instead of ordering out

The convenience of ready-made food is simply a click away and with a tight schedule due to the season, ordering out becomes all the more tempting. While there is no beating the convenience of takeout, home-cooked meals remain unparalleled with regards to weight management and healthiness. Cooking your own meals allows you to track what goes into your body and recipes become more flexible to meet health concerns and diet preferences.

4. Drink more water

Soda, juice and alcoholic beverages have become staples akin to rice in every party or celebration we Filipinos have. Especially this holiday season, it’s a guarantee that those drinks will be present on the dining table. And often, we find ourselves drinking more of these drinks rather than water. Avoid these high-calorie drinks and properly hydrate with water!

5. Follow your sleeping schedule

Time sure does fly when we are living each moment, especially when we spend it with our loved ones during the holidays. Without any warning, the clock strikes midnight and we find ourselves sleeping in for the next day. And this has become a usual trend for us Filipinos every Christmas and New Years’ season. However, we can enjoy each other's company while also drawing the line when it comes to our sleeping schedule. Use sleeping timers if you must! Sleep is not only an important factor for weight loss but for our daily functions as well.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let’s keep our focus on our long-term health goals and enjoy the holiday festivities in moderation.