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Top 5 Health, Diet, and Fitness Trends This 2022

2022 is passing by everybody real quick. Two years into the pandemic, variants, vaccines, and restrictions here and there and before you know it the year has reached its first half. Fitness, just like fashion and music, has had its own fair share of trendy practices be it diets or exercise. With gyms re-opening and a host of self-care movements on the rise, everybody seems to be eager to get back into shape and make up for the two years they spent with minimal to no physical activity and maybe falling into the trap of binge eating at home.

If you’re the sort that likes to follow trends, you might find this listicle relatable. Read below to see if you’ve been following any of these top 5 weight loss trends in 2022.

Plant-Based Diet

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Since the pandemic started, there has been a boom in plant-based products. From plant-based meat substitutes of your favorite meat-based foods to vegan-friendly snacks and desserts, it seems as if this trend that’s quickly on the rise has a great staying power. But why is a plant-based diet or plant-based products all the rave this 2022? Aside from being a good way to get your plant sources in, a plant-based diet is high in fiber, lowers your risk of developing type 2-diabetes, reduces heart disease risk, and reduces arthritic pain.

If you’re big into fitness, here’s some good new. A plant-based diet has been proven to enhance athletic ability and endurance since heart-healthy food are also mostly plant-based with anti-inflammatory and immune system strengthening properties.


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The MIND diet might sound all new but it’s actually a hybrid of several other diets. MIND stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay which helps people reduce their Alzheimer’s Disease risk. This diet lowers homocysteine which is a harmful amino acid. Core components of the MIND Diet include:

  • whole grains

  • leafy vegetables

  • fish and poultry

  • berries and beans

This diet strengthens not only the body but also the mind. Given its inclination towards healthier food options, it isn’t a surprise why many also adhere to this diet when going on their weight loss journey.

Immunity Diet

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The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes on how truly important our immune system is. During the lockdown came the rise of wellness and self-care practices that help us achieve optimum quality of health both physical and mental. In the same vein, the immunity diet emerged as a diet plan one can easily follow. The immunity diet helps strengthen the immune system through the inclusion and consumption of immune system boosting food. Following this diet is a great way to keep your weight and immunity in check.


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Another major trend in the health scene this 2022 is the rise of telemedicine and telehealth. This concept grew in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic with a great number of the population stating they will rely on telemedicine in the coming years as it has been proven safe and convenient without sacrificing any of the medical care. Telehealth continues to take advantage of the rise of technology, rendering it services by way of texting, online tools, chatbots, and more, all working together to give patients the personalized health care they deserve.

There is no denying the popularity of telemedicine and telehealth as a convenient and safe way to monitor one’s health even from a distance. Popular examples include SeriousMD, EZConsult, and Zennya which have been catering to patients' needs even from behind a screen.

Personal Training

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While personal training isn’t exactly a brand new concept, the notion of having a more tailor-fit workout regimen that works for you is largely appealing to many since this, along with a healthy diet, can help one achieve their goals be it weight loss or weight gain. Personal training has enjoyed a rise in popularity this 2022 with people being more particular about diet, fitness, and overall well-being. Personal trainers such as Kat Garcia (Kathryn Bernardo’s personal trainer) and Bok Santos (Liza Soberano’s personal trainer) are examples of trainers who give celebrities a customized workout to help them achieve their goals and stay fit.

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Personal training also hosts plenty of benefits. For one, this personalized style of getting in shape helps keep you accountable of your own movements and activities, not to mention that you stand to learn more about proper exercise techniques by way of your trainer. Take as well into account that personal training also helps with your mental health due to both the psychological effects of exercise and the companionship of a trainer and a personalized workout plan helps steer you towards an overall healthier lifestyle.

Trends come and go but one thing will always remain: whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight, get healthier, or just boost your physical activity as a form of self-care, good health is something that will never go out of style.

Are you undertaking a weight loss journey? Is gaining weight difficult for you? Do you think weight loss medications are the way to go? If you answer yes to any of these, know that you are in good hands. Get in touch with a weight loss specialist and a registered nutritionist dietitian who can meticulously craft a lifestyle plan for you. These specialists can guide you towards the right path and help you achieve your goals and keep it that way. Schedule an appointment with a weight loss specialist right now.