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Follow These Top 5 Trending Workouts In the Philippines to Get Fit

Getting fit has always been part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle together with a balanced diet, optimal hours of sleep, and plenty of self-love and self-care. Through the years, several workouts have come and gone and one day we wake up with one new move to start our regimen and the next day something new is trending in the fitness world. With all the new workouts we are exposed to-now more than ever in the digital age where everything is just one click away-it can be daunting looking for the next best thing to add to our daily fitness routine.

We did the work so you don’t have to! Here we have a compilation of the top 5 trending workouts in the Philippines for the past year that you may have encountered on the Internet or through your friends and family. You might find some totally challenging while others could be familiar names and routines. Check these out and remember to pair it with a healthy diet and adequate hydration. Together with the right amounts of sleep and a positive mindset, you’re sure to get holistically fit in no time!

Read below to see the top 5 trending workouts in the Philippines:

Jump Rope

Photo by: @himron_outdoors on Instagram

What Is It?

If you’ve hung around on social media for the past few years, you might’ve noticed a growing trend in those doing jump rope exercises. It might remind you of your playground days, but this time it’s for fitness purposes. Jumping rope burns potentially 15-20 calories per minute

How Is It Done?

Jumping rope might sound easy but this workout is more than just a typical playground game. This workout is also a great substitute for running if you are short on time. Jump rope works out the entire body that builds endurance, stamina and coordination. The routine is a lot like a typical jump rope game but if you’re up for a bit of variety, you can mix it up with a circuit routine in 20-minute intervals. One can also put on their favorite song and try jumping rope without stopping or with second-long rests. This workout puts a fun twist on the typical jump rope game that is not only enjoyable but good for your health as well.

Weighted Hula Hoops

Photo by: @oneathletica on Instagram

What is It?

This 2022, it is predicted that the trendiest workouts are those that don’t feel like workouts. After all, if a workout is going to be difficult physically, it might as well be enjoyable for us to be able to persevere with the regimen and incorporate it into our daily routine. Apart from jump rope, another childhood favorite is making a comeback in the form of an exercise routine. Enter weighted hula hoops. The concept is as simple as the term-a hula hoop that has a bit more weight in it.

How is it Done?

Weighted hula hoops are a great aerobic exercise that offers a bit of strength training due to their weighted nature. However, there is a pressing risk of back injuries if not done properly. Nonetheless, weighted hula hoops is a great substitute for usual cardio workouts like running or circuit training, not to mention that it improves balance, stability, and coordination. Hula hooping burns around 210 calories in 30 minutes.


Photo by: @sofialarios on Instagram

What Is It?

The previous years gave us HIIT or high-intensity interval training which, as the name suggests, is pretty high impact. Now that slowing down is encouraged more than ever, even workouts are taking a much calmer route. Enter the exact opposite of HIIT-LISS. LISS or low-intensity steady state is a workout that involves any cardio activity for a sustained period at a low intensity for thirty minutes. It is the opposite in the sense that HIIT squeezes in short bursts of high impact workouts for a particular time, LISS has longer bouts of an exercise.

How is it Done?

LISS is basically any cardiovascular workout that is done for longer periods of time at a sustained, steadier, slower pace. The goal of LISS is to enhance endurance and condition the body which is the opposite of HIIT’s purpose of getting the heart rate and metabolism up. This workout is beginner-friendly, helpful for recovery, and still burns calories. One can do LISS workouts for up to 60 minutes given its low impact nature.

Aerial Yoga

Photo by: on Instagram

What Is It?

While often lauded for its aesthetics, aerial yoga is more than just a walk in the park. Aerial yoga is literally yoga done while suspended on silk fabrics or ropes that hang from the ceiling. This kind of yoga combines asana and aerial arts. Being suspended creates a kind of traction and helps the body achieve balance gracefully. Apart from being a great addition to your fitness regimen this 2022, aerial yoga is lauded for its therapeutic benefits ranging from improving mental health to being great for joint decompression.

How is it Done?

Doing aerial yoga is possible for anyone who has access to silk and ropes or an aerial yoga studio. With proper instruction and breathing techniques, you are sure to get the hang of it in no time and even reap its benefits if you pursue it. Fifty minutes of aerial yoga can burn up to 300 calories and it reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Rope Flow

Photo by: @ropeflowph on Instagram

What is It?

This is sort of different from the aforementioned jump rope workout. Rope Flow is a multi-faceted workout that incorporates jump rope, dancing, and mobility exercises that enhance one’s coordination and endurance. It’s not only easy and accessible with minimal equipment needed to get started (a rope, basically), but it also promotes joint health and lymph flow since it increases the range of motion. It also helps reduce anxious thoughts since the exercise promotes mindfulness and coordination.

How is it Done?

As mentioned, Rope Flow is part jump rope and part dancing. Rope Flow is done by coordinating both sides of the body in a way that mimics athletic or dance-like movements. This movement takes the shoulders to the full range of motion that increases shoulder mobility and ultimately a reduction of shoulder pain. Rope Flow requires you to perform the figure-8 pattern which helps open up the hips. It also enhances your athleticism since you mimic two athletic movements, namely underhand and overhand. Underhand is similar to racquet shots while overhand is more like throwing a ball.

Workouts, whether trending or not, are always fun and challenging to do. Not only do these break the monotony of daily life, but workouts also improve our health and inch us closer to our goals whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance. Even if your focus isn’t on weight, exercise is always a great way to get the blood flowing, improve body movements, and take care of our mental health. Trying out various workouts can also open windows for socialization and community integration.

Before doing any kind of workout, be sure to consult with a specialist and seek the advice of a registered nutritionist dietitian for any concerns regarding caloric intake. The right kind of advice steers you towards the path of success in reaching your goal.

Do you have any other workouts in mind? Have you tried any of these above? Comment your experiences down below!

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