Curious About How Koreans Stay Slim? Here's A Peek Into South Korea's Diet Culture

Korean culture is all the rage nowadays. You have definitely got to be living under a rock if you at this point have not heard of BTS, Blackpink, Twice, and other K-Pop celebrities. Truly, Korean culture has taken the world by storm and it’s not just by way of K-Dramas or K-Pop. From food to fashion right down to skincare and cosmetics, there’s just no doubting its influence. If there is another field that Korean culture seems to have captured everyone’s attention, it’s their diet culture. Korean celebrities have become notorious for enviable slim figures and everyone’s curious about how they achieve these physiques.

Read below to see the latest diet, weight loss, and lifestyle developments in South Korea.

The Advancements of Weight Loss Clinics

Photo by: Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

Weight loss clinics have garnered immense popularity in more recent times. While we have always held this notion about weight loss being more focused on diet and exercise, South Korean weight-loss experts have taken it up a notch. Weight loss clinics help speed up and encourage the weight loss process for individuals who might easily lose motivation if they don’t see results immediately.

Professionals in weight loss clinics provide tailored solutions based on the client’s particular condition, taking into consideration their body, health history, and personal goals. The clinic also serves as a support system since the in-house professionals can provide motivation for you to push through with your goals, showing your results and pointing out areas that need improvement. Most of all, professional clinic help can provide you with lasting changes without compromising your health.

An Additional Boost: Weight Loss Medications

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Typically when we hear weight loss medications, we often have this idea of taking a magic pill and seeing the numbers drop drastically. Weight-loss medications aren’t exactly about dropping pounds magically, as these are most recommended for individuals who are having trouble combating obesity. In South Korea, a particular weight loss medication has been making huge waves in the field of weight loss.

Enter Saxenda. Saxenda, whose main ingredient is liraglutide, is an injectable weight loss drug that helps combat obesity. Despite its priciness, many still get prescriptions for it. Novo Nordisk originally developed Saxenda as a type 2 diabetes drug under the name Victoza. While relatively safe, Saxenda cannot be taken without a prescription. Its side effects also include nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and low blood sugar.

K-Pop Diets by K-Pop Idols

Photo by: Koreaboo

Everybody is surely acquainted with K-Pop. The music genre which started out in Korea has enjoyed massive popularity worldwide with major acts dominating the global music scene. With its rise came the rise of the culture in itself. From fashion to food, it’s no secret that K-pop is a force to be reckoned with these days.

Photo by: Healthline

Of course, its influence also stretches to diet culture. K-Pop idols are notable for the svelte figures that make them look even more graceful when performing on stage. In fact, there exists a kind of diet that is purportedly followed by most K-pop idols and its name isn’t very confusing even. It’s called a K-Pop diet. The K-Pop diet comprises traditional Korean staples such as kimchi which are low in calories, high in nutrients, and when eaten in proper amounts, effective for weight management or control.

Non-Surgical Obesity Treatments

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On the note of weight loss clinics, South Korea is notable for non-surgical obesity treatments. Many individuals have trouble battling obesity and keeping the weight off. One such clinic in South Korea specializes not only in plastic surgery but in professional nonsurgical obesity treatments. Fat loss is the main goal but the clinic extends further than that. They also prevent skin sagging and take on body type maintenance for their clients to sustain the changes on their bodies.

Drug injections for weight loss in South Korea are gaining popularity since these shots dissolve fat directly by destroying the surrounding fat tissues. It is also effective in removing cellulite or deposited fat not directly reduced or targeted through conventional weight loss techniques. This is a popular technique to not only lose weight but keep it off for longer periods.

South Korea’s culture is booming and dynamic, with more trends sprouting left and right. While most of these might sound tempting to try, don’t forget that with weight loss it’s not just the aesthetic, your health is also concerned. Before trying any weight loss medication, any new diet, or undergoing any new treatment, be sure to consult with a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian and a Weight Loss and Obesity Specialist for a safe, secure, and successful weight loss journey.

Have you been riding the K-Wave too? Have you heard of any new fitness, beauty, and food trends in the Korean market? If so, we’d love to hear it! Comment your suggestions down below.