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5 Phentermine Dos and Don't for Weight Loss: What the Research Shows

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While the notion of a healthy diet and exercise coupled with a ample hours of sleep and hydration are always the keys to losing weight healthily, there are certain instances wherein weight loss just doesn’t seem doable on traditional terms. This is where weight loss medications come in handy. In recent times, such as phentermine +topiramate have become quite the talk of the town and it goes without saying that these are indeed effective. However, before everyone starts jumping into the conclusion that these are quick fixes for weight loss, there are some do’s and don’ts that one must follow when using phentermine.

To give a brief introduction, phentermine is an FDA approved weight loss medication designed to control appetite and is approved for individuals with a BMI that meets obesity criteria or obesity that is coupled with an array of conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea or weight related joint pain. Phentermine is lauded for helping reduce hunger, cravings, and improves metabolism. If you are thinking of trying phentermine or are already using phentermine, keep these 5 do’s and don’ts in mind

1. DON’T Overestimate Phentermine

FDA-approved weight loss medications are exactly that-weight loss medications, not magic pills. If it promises you instant weight loss, it’s probably bad. There is no magic formula that can help you drop pounds overnight, not even phentermine. Weight loss involves more than just diet and exercise as many factors such as stress management, hormonal balance, emotions, and others play a great role. Overestimating phentermine and seeing it as an overnight quick-fix is a sure set up for disappointment.

When taking phentermine, always remember to stay realistic. Never forego good, proper diet and adequate physical activity. Without lifestyle habits, the medicines can only do so much.

2. DO Drink Plenty of Water to Optimize Phentermine

Drinking plenty of water might not seem like a big movement when it comes to weight loss, let alone taking weight loss medication but drinking water helps you lose weight fast though not in the way you might expect it to. Water helps our bodies function adequately through boosting the metabolism and keeping you fuller longer. And this is helpful in the diet especially since it’s already been discussed how phentermine should be coupled with healthy eating habits. It is suggested that you drink one glass 20 minutes prior to eating so the stomach can filter if it’s just hungry or thirsty.

Apart from its ability to help you recognize hunger from thirst, phentermine’s side effect is dry mouth and drinking can help relieve you of the parched feeling.

3. DON’T Skip Meals on Phentermine

Some might be tempted to skip dinner or forego breakfast to further “enhance” or ‘speed up” the weight loss process of phentermine but this is actually counterproductive. Remember that phentermine isn’t a starvation pill rather it helps control weight gaining signals in the body. Reducing appetite is the goal of phentermine not total starvation. Starving yourself as a means to enhance its weight control abilities will set you up for failure since it’ll make you hungrier and your body will hold on to calories when you return to eating normally, promoting weight gain in the process thanks to BMR or basal metabolic rate reduction.

4. DO Establish Good Lifestyle Habits

Phentermine is an FDA-approved drug that only has a certain time of usage or short-term, usually no longer than 30 days in a row. This is why establishing good lifestyle habits is important for when you no longer use phentermine, so that you can maintain your weight easily without it. Following healthy eating habits, consistently exercising, and sleeping well can help improve your overall well being together with helping you reach your goal of losing excess pounds.

5. DON’T Miss Your Medication

Part of committing to taking phentermine medication is knowing when you are scheduled for it. Phentermine is typically taken first thing in the morning, once a day and while taking it on a full stomach isn’t really its priority, the time makes all the difference. The reason for this is that phentermine’s side effects are energy and focus which can progress into insomnia or trouble sleeping and this is where the cycle begins. When you have trouble sleeping, it can cause you to crave for more the following day and eat more thus hindering your weight loss goals.


  1. Don’t use it at the same time as other prescribed weight loss medications

  2. Do not consume with alcohol since it can heighten side effects and impair judgment

  3. If side effects make exercise on phentermine challenging, try breaking it down into tinier segments such as going for a 10 minute walk.

  4. Plan meals and snacks to make healthy eating on phentermine achievable. This helps stop you from running to the nearest convenience store or fastfood chain when you feel hungry.

  5. Seek professional help if side effects worsen.

Are you in need of weight loss medication? Perhaps weight loss is right up your alley. If so, get in touch with a weight loss specialist and a registered nutritionist dietitian who can help you achieve your goals in a safe and healthy manner. These professionals can provide advice that is both evidence-based and tailored to your individual needs. Schedule an appointment right now.