A weight loss of 5 to 15% is enough for you to feel healthier and lessen the implications of chronic illness or obesity.
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Programs for Holistic and Lasting Change

Initial Weight Loss/ Weight Gain Consultation

If you want to start your weight loss/gain journey, this program is for you! This is tailored to target your lifestyle habits, allowing you to improve your overall health and lose or gain 5-15% of weight within 3 months.

Weight Loss Consultation for Prescription Medication

This is for clients who have tried weight loss in the past but still need additional aid in reaching their goals. This includes a lifestyle and weight loss program which includes prescription medications. The initial consultation fee does not include the medication prescribed.

Follow-up Consultation

For clients who already had an initial consultation with us. A follow up is essential to help us keep track of your progress and develop a sustainable program fit for you.

DMD Sciences Consultations for Lifestyle Management

For DMD sciences patients for the management of lipid profile, blood sugar, liver enzymes, and other laboratory indicators of health.

Initial Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

This program is catered to clients struggling with lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatty Liver, Gestational Diabetes, PCOS, and others. Normalize your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, SGPT, cholesterol, and more through this program!

Buddy Consult for Weight Management

Book an online consultation with your friend, partner, workmates, colleagues and reach your health goals together